Frequently Asked Questions

The Price

Many clients about the cost of our tours and though we have put some guiding prices on the site, the final answer depends on each guest’s choice. At Morocco Expert Tours you’re receiving a unique and customized experience no matter which tour you choose, so pricing is also custom. Our goal is to make the best price which suits the pleasures and pocket of every visitor, after all, you deserve a vacation that’s just for you.

Changes and Flexibility

We are flexible in making any changes on your tour according to your travel needs: changing the itinerary or type of accommodations to make your stay the best enjoyable experience. However; changes should be made with at least 2 weeks notice prior to your tour with us.

Terms of Cancellations

If you wish to cancel your tour, we must receive a written confirmation of this via e-mail.
We accept Cancellations according to the followings conditions:

  • 5 Months or more before starting your tour : 100 % refundable
  • 3 months : 50% refund
  • 2 months or less : not refundable

Terms of Booking and Deposit

After you confirm your suitable itinerary and dates with us, we require a deposit which is neccessary to reserve your tour with us. We require the deposit to be made at least 2 weeks before your arrival.

While you start your tour in Morocco with us, you can please pay us the balance of your tour either in Euros, US Dollar, or using your Credit Card. Please note there is an extra fee for the use of the “Visa or Master Card” due to their processing fees.

If you wish you can also complete payment before your arrival via bank transfer.


Camel Trekking and Safaris Tips

Many travelers have questions about this unique experience and how to best prepare for a camel trek.


How many hours I will be on the camel?

During your journey on the camel safaris you will have about 2 hours camel riding through the sand dunes, while going slow you will have opportunity to stop for a break, for photos… with a request to your camel guide.


What do I need to pack?

You will need a flash light, because the camp does not have lights as they use candles to make the experience more authentic and once in a lifetime.


Sleeping bag: Is it necessary?

If you wish you can bring it with you, but in the camp there are beds and blankets to keep you warm as our team will take good care of you, providing you with an exceptional service.


Shoes and pants?

You should have some shoes that are suitable for a walk in the sand dunes, ideally they should be closed so you don’t need to worry about the sand getting inside them! Also jeans are a good choice to wear while on you are on your camel so you don’t have any painful chafing.


Suncream and sun Glasses?

Very important to have them both because of the sand storms which happens sometimes or even a light wind makes the sand hurt your eyes. Suncream will protect your skin from sun burns, in addition to this we will provide you with a turban to cover you face and hair from the sand as well.


Contact lenses?

Not advised. Please if you have them try to remove them and put on glasses because the air in the desert can be dusty.


Bottle of Water?

Please before you mount your camel make sure you have enough water with you; one bottle each is fine.


Is the Tent Private or Shared?

Of course every couple has a Private Room tent to sleep in, if you’re a family the kids will share one and the parents will have a private one, or if you wish you can also sleep under the stars.


For the camel trekking conditions, Please we don’t recommend it for the following travellers:

If you are over 70 Years old.

If you are a pregnant woman.

If you have a surgery, or some serious sickness.

Do You Organize Private Tours?

We offer private tours to individuals, families and groups. Our private tours include a wide range of activities from cultural explorations, archaeology, honeymoons, to exhilarating outdoor adventures (Atlas Mountains trekking, Camel trekking, Desert expeditions, Valley and gorges hikes and much more).

Is Morocco a Safe Destination?

Morocco has one of the lowest crime rates in the world — compared to the US and Europe, it’s considered a very safe destination. Moroccan people are known for their hospitality and they will make you feel very welcome. Please for more information about this topic we have many solo women travelers articles to share with you, just check our testimonials to see how travelers before you have found the country.

Is There Any Dress Code For Women Visiting Morocco?

No. Many women in Morocco dress just like they do in the US, you can wear anything you want, the only exceptions is on tours of the Mosque like Hassan II, to enter you will need to dress conservatively as you would enter a church, no shorts, tanks tops, etc…

As in any country you should use discretion with your attire if you want to avoid unwanted attention.

How Much Free Time Will I Have?

We design our scheduled tours so that you’ll have some free time to do your own thing. Not only do we schedule free time, but you can venture off on your own at any point during the tour, Just make sure not to miss the departure time for the next journey.

Should you decide to venture solo at any point during the tour, you can decide to have your own afternoon free, just make sure you inform the tour leader of your plans to ensure proper coordination. After all, this is your vacation and you should have it your way.

Tipping In Morocco

Tipping in Morocco is very important for people who give you a certain service, and the average of tipping in Morocco is 10%.

Driver: between 25 to 50 Euros / per day.

Guide: between 25 Euros / per day.

Camel Guide: 20 Euros / per day.

Waiters, porter, room service: 2 to 5 Euros.

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance is required in your travels to Morocco to be used at any case of Emergency, so you can buy it and bring a copy of the document, as the travel insurance must cover trip Cancellation and interup, for an accident can happen or any emergencies situations.


Do I Need Vaccinations & Is The Water Safe To Drink?

No vaccinations are required to visit Morocco, and while the tap water in the cities is safe to drink mineral water is recommended.

What If I Don't Want To Do The Whole Tour?

We are flexible and all the tours can be modified to suit your specific needs and interests. If you have a different route in mind please let us know and we will offer a tour tailored to your specific requirements.

What if I don’t like any merchandise that I’ve purchased during my time in Morocco?

Morocco Expert Tours is not liable for any purchases that you make during your trip as we can only be held accountable for our services. All additional purchases are at your discretion.

If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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